News! - Having to move my dollhouse assembly blogs, to the Facebook platform, was not a decision that I wanted to make, but the inability to host such a large amount of photos, for free, left me with no other options, as Facebook was the only platform that did not have bandwidth or storage limits.

Thankfully, I was able to reformat my photos, so Google could also give me unlimited bandwidth and storage limits. This means that my assembly blogs will soon be available on Blogger once more. I know this is good news for my blog followers who do not wish to have a Facebook account, but want access to the assemblies.

As each dollhouse assembly becomes available, all of the links will return to Blogger and will no longer be hosted on Facebook.


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Below is a list of direct links for each blogged dollhouse available on our Facebook page. Make sure to click on each Day or Week, of the assembly, to view the entire build.

Blogged Dollhouse Assemblies

The Arthur Dollhouse
The Arthur Dollhouse (Quarter Scale)
The Aster Cottage Dollhouse
The Beacon Hill Dollhouse
The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited (Advanced)
The Beacon Hill Dollhouse (Micro Scale)
The Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse
The Buttercup Cottage Dollhouse
The Buttercup Cottage Dollhouse Revisited
The Chantilly Dollhouse (Half Scale)
The Cheltenham Dollhouse
The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse
The Custom Rehab Dollhouse
The Diana Dollhouse (Half Scale)
The Emerson Row Dollhouse
The Fairfield Dollhouse (Half Scale)
The Fairfield Dollhouse (Half Scale) Revisited (Advanced)
The Garfield Dollhouse
The Garfield Dollhouse (Micro Scale)
The Glencroft Dollhouse
The Glencroft Dollhouse Revisited
The Gloucester Dollhouse
The Harrison Dollhouse
The Haunted House Dollhouse
The Lighthouse Dollhouse (Half Scale)
The Lily Dollhouse
The Lily Dollhouse Revisited (Advanced)
The Loganberry Mill Dollhouse
The McKinley Dollhouse
The Orchid Dollhouse
The Pierce Dollhouse
The Pierce Dollhouse Revisited
The Primrose Dollhouse
The Rosedale Dollhouse
The Rosedale Dollhouse Revisited
The Storybook Cottage Dollhouse
The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse
The Tennyson Dollhouse
The Vermont Farmhouse Jr Dollhouse
The Vineyard Cottage Dollhouse
The Washington 2.0 Dollhouse
The Westville Dollhouse
The Willowcrest Dollhouse
The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited (Advanced)

Blogged Furniture Assemblies

Chrysnbon Furniture Kits
Greenleaf/Corona Concepts Furniture Kits