Quarter Scale Dollhouse Projects

I made all of these dollhouses using the buildings found in Greenleaf Dollhouses series of miniature buildings. All of these buildings are in quarter scale and can be used for miniature railroads, Christmas village scenes and other miniature displays.

The Quarter Scale Arthur Dollhouse

I blogged my first assembly of this dollhouse here. This is my second assembly and I decided to make a few changes.

This dollhouse comes in The Miniature Greenleaf Village kit. It is assembled the same way as a one inch scale, tab and slot dollhouse. These buildings are originally made to be closed in the back, so they can be used as gift boxes, but I modified them to have open backs like dollhouses.

The dollhouse is displayed on a black, foam core base, which I landscaped. The landscaping was done using diorama trees and grass paper. I also scattered loose green moss and silk flower berries, around the yard, for added detail. The flamingos are fairy garden miniatures that happen to be the right scale for this dollhouse.

The floors and room dividers had to be made from balsa wood slabs. The doorway that goes from the bedroom to the bathroom was also custom made. I created a staircase for the dollhouse as well. This interior modification requires a lot of stip wood.

I hinged the front door using a masking tape strip, since chamois at this scale, is much too thick. With the door slightly open, a view of the staircase is just barely visible.

This dollhouse kit does not come with interior moldings, so they all had to be custom made using thin cardstock paper. All of the wallpaper was computer printed and the flooring is wood printed scrapbook paper. The gingham table display was not made by me. It was a gift from a fellow miniaturist. The details are very difficult to see because of how small this display is but it is complete with tiny burgers on plates, napkins, ketchup and mustard bottles.

All of the furniture is plastic. I made all of the accessories from strip wood, air drying clay and square and round dowels.

I dressed the bed and painted many of the accessories with flowers for added detail. All of the doorknobs are made of jewelry beads.

This is the tiny bathroom. Because the rooms are so tiny, at this scale, I used a glue stick to apply all of the wallpaper and flooring. Tacky or white glue would be too thick to use.

This is a view of the staircase from the top.

The Quarter Scale Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse

This dollhouse comes in The Miniature Greenleaf Village Kit, but it has to be modified in order for it to have an open back for finishing and decorating.

The tiny gnome in the front yard is a fairy garden item. The fence is also an item that is used for fairy gardens but it is the right scale for this dollhouse. It is made from thin tin which can be easily cut with scissors and painted to match any decor.

Because I wanted this dollhouse to be as similar to its one inch scale version as possible, I had to modify it significantly with custom made pieces. The settles in the front porch are an example of this. Both settles had to be custom made from balsa wood slabs. I also had to create the side chimney and the front window flower box.

I thatched the roof using faux fur. The wishing well is entirely handmade using air drying clay, varying sizes of strip wood, dowels and balsa wood slabs.

I had to modify the back roof in order to view the second floor. The floor itself is created from a balsa wood slab. I covered it with wood printed scrapbook paper.

All of the interior trim is custom made from thin cardstock paper. The chimney flues are made from square dowels. I had to create the indoor fireplaces with brick printed paper. It is the same paper I used to cover the chimney on its exterior.

I used spackling compound to stucco the dollhouse both on the exterior and interior. Because this scale is so small, spackling compound is the easiest material to use for stucco.

I made the ceiling beams from wooden dowels.

I made all of the food items from air drying clay. The other accessories are made from varying sizes of strip wood and wooden dowels. The furniture is plastic.

The perfume bottles are made from jewelry beads. I used a computer printed quilt to dress the bed with. The tiny dog was not made by me. It was a gift from a fellow miniaturist.

The Quarter Scale Buttercup Cottage Dollhouse

This is a completely custom dollhouse as this dollhouse is not included in any of the Greenleaf Dollhouses quarter scale village kits.

I made this dollhouse from different left over building parts in The Miniature Greenleaf Village kit.

I used soft balsa wood to cut out arched windows and architectural details for this dollhouse. This soft wood can be easily cut with a craft knife and sanding can help achieve fine details.

The flooring and wallpaper were printed from the computer.

All of the interior accessories have to be hand made because they are very difficult to find at this scale. This quarter scale plastic furniture is easily painted to achieve a variety of different looks.

The chimney is made of balsa wood and covered in brick printed paper.

I used the different bushes and ground cover found in the diorama section of the craft store to create the landscaping.

The Quarter Scale Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse

This tiny dollhouse is part of The Miniature Greenleaf Town kit. Like I did with the other quarter scale dollhouses, I modified it to have an open back and two floors.

The tiny car was a rare find on eBay.

I hinged the doors using a masking tape strip, hidden with door trim.

I was able to find trees on sale at my local craft store. You can find all of the landscape material for these dollhouses in the diorama section of your local craft store.

Because the dollhouse is so small, nearly all of the accessories in the interior had to be handmade.

The cans on the wall shelves were made from wooden dowels. I printed the labels from the computer.

The apples and potatoes are handmade from clay.

I used scrapbook paper for the wallpaper and flooring. You can also use computer printed papers for dollhouses this small.

All of the interior and exterior trim is custom made from strip wood.

The Quarter Scale Orchid Dollhouse

This dollhouse is part of the Corona Concepts Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit. I decided to do mine all white in honor of Greenleaf Dollhouses "White Orchid Dollhouse". The "White Orchid Dollhouse" is no longer in production. It was a limited edition dollhouse which was released to test a new composite material that Greenleaf Dollhouses was considering for use on its dollhouse models. The material was all white and when people assembled their dollhouse, they realized it looked beautiful and unique unfinished, creating an all white dollhouse. It became known as "The White Orchid". Dollhouse enthusiasts from all over began taking photos of their "White Orchids". Though Greenleaf Dollhouses decided to not use the composite material again, "The White Orchid" kit has become legend and continues to be a much sought after, very rare kit.

This kit does not come with shingles, but I had left over quarter scale shingles from previous projects. The cameo is a button that I painted all white to match the dollhouse.

I kept the landscaping as white as possible with a few splashes of green sprigs and pink on the flowering trees and bushes.

I customized several features of this dollhouse, in order to make it as close to the one inch scale version as possible. I added window sills, a bay window and flower boxes.

The frosted windows came with the kit but I decorated them with fingernail art for a unique design.

I painted the furniture silver and added crystal beads and fingernail art for detail. The best way to achieve a very shiny silver finish is to use permanent silver markers to paint the furniture.

The accessories are silver beads in different shapes and sizes.

I used scrapbook paper in light grays for the walls and white felt for the flooring.

I plan on adding more decorative pieces to this dollhouse as I find unique items in the right scale.

The Quarter Scale Adobe Dollhouse

This dollhouse was made from parts of the left over buildings in The Miniature Greenleaf Town.

I used spackle mixed with acrylic paint to create the exterior stucco.

The fence is completely custom made from balsa wood. I used wooden dowels for the roof pegs and custom painted the exterior furniture for a southwest look. The desert landscaping can be found in the diorama section of your local craft store. The rug on the fence is a computer paper print out.

I used strip wood to make custom beams on the interior. The flooring was made from computer printed paper. I used gloss acrylic to give the tile paper a shiny look.

I hand painted all of the furniture to give it a southwest look.

The chimney is a roll of cardstock covered in spackle to create the look of stucco. The tiny cactus planters hanging from it are handmade from wood strips and dowels.

The little hat was a rare find. All of the wall art was printed from my computer.

All of the interior rugs were printed from my computer. I used scissors to snip the edges for a frayed look.

The Quarter Scale Storybook Cottage Dollhouse

This is not technically the Storybook Cottage Dollhouse, but it sure looks like it. It's one of the buildings in The Miniature Greenleaf Town Kit. The gazebo is also part of the same kit.

You can find all of the exterior landscaping and accessories for a tiny Christmas house during the Christmas season at your local craft store. All of these items are from Christmas villages, which are a similar scale to this dollhouse.

I made the snowman myself from cotton balls and jewelry findings.

The Christmas tree inside of the gazebo was handmade using tiny paper print outs and jewelry findings for ornaments. The snow on the roof is baby powder.

I used scrapbook papers for the flooring and walls of this dollhouse. All of the interior and exterior trim is custom made from strip wood.

All of the accessories and pastries in the display case are handmade from air drying clay.

All of the toys are made from air drying clay and the cash register is made from balsa wood.

The Quarter Scale Custom Cottage Dollhouse

This dollhouse comes in the Corona Concepts Dollhouses Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit. Like all of the other buildings, in these kits, I modified it to have an open back.

I used diorama landscaping materials to create the exterior scenery. These little trees where on clearance for $1. I like the little fruits on them, they look like candy. Perfect for a candy shop.

I used the same color scheme as The Storybook Cottage Dollhouse I assembled and finished years ago. The bubble gum machine outside is a jewelry charm.

This dollhouse has very limited interior space, so I made it only one floor. All of the display cases and furniture on the interior are custom made from balsa wood.

The candy containers are clear plastic tubing filled with different color beads, clay slices and colorful confetti.

I used candy printed tape for a border on the wallpaper. All of the flooring and wallpaper are scrapbook paper. The ceiling lamp is made from colorful tape and beads.

The Quarter Scale Washington 2.0 Dollhouse

I miss my hand stenciled Washington 2.0 Dollhouse. But, I do not have any more space in my home for a full sized dollhouse, so what to do? Create your own tiny version.

This Washington 2.0 replica, in quarter scale, was made using the leftover parts from buildings in the Corona Concepts Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit, but I have to admit, the pickings were slim and the entire dollhouse had to be mostly made from scratch.

I stained the dollhouse and stenciled it, just like I did its full size sister.

I tried to recreate all of the details of the full size version, including the chimney, window boxes, wrap around porch, shutters, window mullions and even the "lock assembly" exposed on the roof.

I created the same number of floors and rooms as the full size version. I wanted this to be a country house so I used landscaping that matched that theme.

I used the same quarter scale plastic furniture on the interior but I finished and decorated it with a country feel.

I even made an outhouse for this little dollhouse.