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Whether you're an experienced builder or new to the hobby, I've gathered material from all over the web to produce the most complete, tab and slot, dollhouse assembly blog you can find.
Tip: 1. Read through all of the instructions that came with your kit first. 2. Find your dollhouse in this blog by using the drop down menu below. 3. Read through the building process in its entirety before beginning your project. Happy building!

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Saturday, November 19

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More Minis @ Blogspot will always be your number one stop on the internet for step by step assembly blogs of popular tab and slot dollhouses by Greenleaf and Corona Concepts Dollhouses.

These beautiful but often overlooked dollhouse kits require a basic knowledge of their unique assembly process in order to achieve a successful outcome. I am dedicated to helping new dollhouse enthusiasts become better acquainted with these kits. So, give tab and slot dollhouses a second look and you will be surprised at how rewarding owning one can be.

In this blog, you will find helpful information on wooden, tab and slot dollhouse assembly and finishes. Everything you need to know to help you through your next dollhouse project is just a few clicks away.

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