The Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 12

I finally finished the rest of the baseboards.

I also finished trimming the walls and floors on the back side.

I used a roll of lace for the window treatments.

I added “crown molding” with bamboo skewers. Surprisingly, the skewers did fit over the narrow tops of the windows. Real miniature crown moulding will not so the suggested resolution I gave before would still apply in that case.

I trimmed the kitchen pantry, so it looked more finished.

I used a wooden dowel to trim the top of the roofs. I filled in the gaps around it with stainable wood filler. Make sure your wood filler says stainable when you buy it, because not all wood filler can be stained. Some are just paintable and not stainable. There is a difference, and if you're using it on a component that needs staining, you can ruin it by using non-stainable wood filler.

I touched up all of the outside paint.

I added finials to the roofs. These were left over roof finials from another dollhouse kit. I just bashed them by cutting off the “legs” and the top round part. This made them smaller so they look in scale and it also made them look different. The finials give the dollhouse more flair since it didn’t come with roof trim and they also trim the area where the dowels meet the gables.

You can certainly use brick paper, printed from your computer to cover the chimney and the foundation.

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