The Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 10

Today I prepped the interior doors. I always save interesting looking scraps from the kit as I punch out pieces from the sheets because you never know what you can do with the scraps during your construction. I decided to apply some shapes to the doors, so they won't be so plain.

This dollhouse doesn’t have much space inside, so I will be gluing the doors on in a shut position. This will also hide some of the gaps that are between the floors. I did a combination of white trim and stained doors.

I finished the bays by trimming off excess wallpaper and wallpapering the other side of the curved wall facing the windows. It's only visible through the windows from the outside. I glued on the bay wall trim.

I also put trim along the openings that didn’t bring doors.

I had to do a lot of touch ups inside while installing the windows and doors. I had a lot of wallpapering to touch up. I also had to hide the floor tabs in the attic.

Once I was done with all of that, I only have the baseboards and ceiling trim to add to this dollhouse.

There is a section of the dollhouse that is very hard to access. It is the second floor hallway inside the tower walls. So that you don’t run into problems, put the components for this area in this order:

1. Interior bedroom door and trim first.
2. Window that is closest to the bedroom door next.
3. Finally the last window.

This way you will always have an opening available for access to hold the components from the inside and outside so you don't struggle gluing them on. If you don’t follow this order, you will have a hard time keeping the components in place because you won't have access of the interior to fit your hands through to help you hold things in place.

I glued on the tower brackets. If your tower will not be glued on, position it like I did to make sure the brackets are glued evenly and touching the bottom of the tower roof.