The Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 8

Today the roof was completely dry, so I removed all of the masking tape. I filled in all of the gaps with spackling compound. After it all dried, I gave the dollhouse a second coat of paint and painted the underside of the roof eaves.

After that was done and dry, I began putting on the bay roofs. This part went smoothly because everything fit perfectly.

I put in the kitchen door. It fit perfectly. No problems whatsoever putting it in. The same applied to the front door.

I continued assembling the tower and put a trim around the tower room opening. I also put in the baseboards. I’ve decided to stain the baseboards so they better match the floors. The trim around the edges of the tower room will help the tower sit more sturdy on top of the tower walls.

Baseboards and ceiling trim were added first to the foyer because it is inaccessible once the door is installed.

I built the porch roof, porch trim and two double windows.

The windows of this dollhouse are pretty close to the ceiling. No ceiling trim will fit in that small gap. I think the best way to get around this, is to butt ceiling trim up to the window edge and use curtains over your window to hide their tops. This way, no one will notice that the ceiling trim does not go along the tops of the windows.