The Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 2

I decided to get the floors done, before areas became inaccessible later. I decided to put the Victorian tile on the first floor and the parquet floor everywhere else.

This Victorian tile is in ½ inch scale and perfectly suited. It will serve as an inlay for the middle of the room but must be positioned just right. You must cut and paste the tile pattern to fit the room, since the tile sheet is much larger than the floor area. You want to make sure the tile pattern runs consistently and uninterrupted throughout the floor. Cutting and patching of the pattern, to recreate it on the floor, will be necessary.

The simple parquet floor was applied to the rest of the dollhouse.

Of course perfection is impossible, but imperfections are unnoticeable in this case. Once the walls and partitions are in place, any imperfections will be less visible. Floor layout was very difficult. I had to piece together and layout very small pieces of the tile pattern with tweezers.

In the end, the results are desirable. I coated it with gloss varnish. Consider how shiny or what imperfections may be visible before applying additional coats of varnish.

Like the tile sheet, the parquet flooring was difficult too due to the twists and turns of this dollhouse layout. To keep the parquet pattern running consistently throughout the odd shaped floors, cutting and patching of the pattern was needed. The parquet floors were varnished as well.

When applying varnish to paper flooring, always wait for the glue to be thoroughly dry before doing so. Test the color fastness of your paper flooring before application as well.