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Monday, May 15

The Lily Dollhouse Revisited Week 16


**Unfortunately Photobucket lost all of the original photos I had taken for this post, so I can only show the finished photos. I am trying to retrieve the lost photos and if I am able to do so, I will repost them.**

Now that the interior rooms are done, I can move on to the outside but before any siding can be applied to the dollhouse, I have to install some components. I will start with the windows. These windows have square casings so they can be applied before the siding.

This dollhouse has double hung windows and since this is the advanced version of this dollhouse build, I will assume that you are all familiar with the process for their installation but if you are not, here is a refresher course

Because I plan on making these working windows though, I will have to install them in steps instead of all at once. The first thing that needs to be done is the painting and/or staining of all the window components. While these components dry, the window openings have to be prepared.

I first sanded all of the window opening edges well. Even though all of the parts for this dollhouse were sanded before I began the assembly, the window openings are always left with rough edges due to wallpaper application. Sanding them well will remove any rough wallpaper edges.

I then painted the window openings. Make sure that you paint all of the inside edges well. You must paint the window openings, both on the outside and the inside of the dollhouse. This means you will be painting over your wallpaper. You want to paint all around the window, about half an inch outwards. Be careful you do not go too far out because then you will have paint on your wallpaper outside the area of the window casing. Once the window casing is applied, these painted areas on the walls will look like window sashes.

Once the paint is dry around the windows, you can apply the casings. I would recommend that you use a window sash, positioned temporarily around the window opening so you can center the window casing properly and not have issues with the installation of the sashes later. You will apply both interior and exterior casings.

You can then apply the window sills on the interior of the dollhouse. The exterior ones can not be applied until the dollhouse is sided. You also want to wait for the dollhouse to be sided before you apply the window pediments.

This dollhouse does not bring trim for the bottom of the interior window sills but since I like the way the trim looks, I used scrap wood to make my own.

You shouldn't do anything else to the windows for the moment since you do not want to damage the fragile acrylic window panes that are installed along with the sashes.

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