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Monday, January 30

The Lily Dollhouse Revisited Week 1

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I am going to assemble this dollhouse for the second time. I will be doing some upgrades to the finishes and small design changes to the structure. This blog should be helpful for more advanced builders that wish to add more detail to their dollhouse.

I am still working out what exactly I would like to do with this dollhouse and I am sure that I will get ideas as I am assembling it but a few things that I do plan to customize for certain are:

1. Add flooring
2. Add paper ceilings
3. Hinge all doors, including an added screen door to the kitchen
4. Add a faux door to the bathroom
5. Create working windows from the original kit windows
6. Create a faux door in the attic that leads to a rooftop garden
7. Add a back cover to the dollhouse

This is not an easy assembly. The Lily is one of the most difficult tab and slot models out there but it has incredible realism and unique architectural features that you will not find in another dollhouse. It is one of my favorite models and I knew that I had to come back to it some day and assemble it again.

This will most likely be my final one inch scale assembly. I do not have the time nor space to devote to these large projects anymore so I will continue on smaller scale projects here and there. Of course, if I ever come across a Dura Craft San Franciscan, I will have to go back to the assembly room.

In the meantime though, I will be taking my time with this assembly and plan on enjoying the process. One of the key ways you can do this is by always preparing for your build. I have many articles in this blog to help you do just that but I always like to emphasize this anyways, with each new build. You will not be able to just open up the box and get started on a tab and slot dollhouse. You need to prepare.

I placed by dollhouse kit in the garage because that's where I will be doing the sanding. Prepare to do a lot of sanding, so make sure you set up your kit in an area that can be dusty and messy for a while.

I already opened the kit and did inventory of the wooden sheets. Everything is in order. I removed the acetate window sheet and took it the craft room along with the instructions. You do not need to have your windows around your sanding area because they can become damaged very easily and this is going to be a messy job. You also do not want your instructions laying around because they can become lost and without the instructions, you can not assemble the dollhouse.

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