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Monday, August 22

Custom Rehab Week 08

Today I was able to add ceiling paper and flooring to the second floor since the partition is now thoroughly dry.

I made a template of the ceilings and floors for each room. I applied the ceiling paper to the templates and installed them as I did on the first floor.

For the flooring, I installed tile on the bathroom floor template and carpet on the bedroom floor template.

These templates are especially useful when applying flooring because you get a smooth, even look throughout. The original floors of this dollhouse were very rough on the second level because of the removal of the original carpet but now, you would never know that was the case.

I began adding trim around the floors and ceilings.

Because these rooms were square, adding these different flooring covers was a very simple process. Both the carpet sheet and tile sheet were large enough to cover the entire area. If you have a more elaborate room, with many twists and turns or a room that is larger than the carpet or tile sheets available, then I do not recommend them. You can not join carpet or tile sheets seamlessly. I suggest you use hardwood instead of carpet and/or tile printed paper.

Just like in the first floor, the ceiling paper I used, was not large enough to cover the entire ceiling area and I had to join it. I made sure that the joined edge overlapped facing the front of the dollhouse so it appears invisible when looking in through the back. Again, the pattern did not match up very well, simply because of how the paper was printed but it is not noticeable.

The carpet sheet I bought had a thick foam backing so applying glue to it, in order to adhere it to the template, was not difficult. If your carpet sheet does not have a backing, you should never apply glue directly to it or it will soak through to the other side, leaving a permanent wet spot which can not be repaired. I recommend to not apply any adhesive to a carpet sheet that does not have backing. Just lay it on top of the template, with no adhesive and place it in the room. The baseboards will hold it in place.

If your door trim in the way of the flooring, just use a craft knife to cut trim it a little so the flooring goes underneath.

Once your carpet is installed, you should cover it with plastic to avoid damaging it during the remodel. Carpet can not be repaired if stained with glue or paint, so it is best to take precautions with it, especially since miniature carpet is also very expensive. You do not want to end up having to replace it after your baseboards are in place. You can use the plastic cover that the carpet sheet came in for this.

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Steinworks said...

thanks for the carpet tip :)


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