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Monday, July 11

Custom Rehab Week 02

The first thing I want to do with this dollhouse, is plan out what can be done to the interior. The flooring, except for the carpet, and all of the wallpaper is very tightly adhered to the dollhouse. For this reason, I will be leaving them in tact, in order to reduce destruction. I can apply my new finishes right over the old ones using templates, which is what should have been done to this dollhouse from the beginning since it was electrified.

I have to remove all of the picture frames, lamps and curtains. I will re-attach the curtains later. All of the curtains were attached with glue so, you can already see a little construction zone happening inside. The baseboards were the hardest to remove. They had to be chiseled off. I also removed the electrical outlets. I removed the second floor carpeting, even though I have not started on that floor yet. The carpeting can not have new flooring placed over it because it is too bulky to cover. It must be removed. It is not difficult to remove at all.

The walls and floors are pretty smooth but there are a few rough areas around the electrical outlets. This will not matter much since everything is going to be covered and trimmed.

Because it is such a small dollhouse, with only 3 rooms, I would like to see if I can add some partitions. I would like to partition the first and second floors in order to create a small bathroom and kitchen. Instead of placing the partitions in the middle, I will make them slightly off center, towards the right. That way the bigger rooms will become the living room and bedroom. This will help accommodate more furniture. These rooms will be similar in size to the Arthur Dollhouse so, they will not be very large but they can still accommodate items comfortably.

I used foamcore to create the first floor partition. Foamcore is easy to use and sturdy enough to create partitions with. It is also easily cut with a utility knife. Try to get your cuts even but you do not have to stress too much over them because all joints will be covered with moldings.

I did not take the partition all the way to the back floor edge. This way there can be a walkway from the living room into the kitchen, without having to create a doorway. Leaving this back area more open, also creates more space for a dinette or breakfast area, since the dollhouse does not have enough space for a dining room.

I used tacky glue to adhere the partition. If you equally measure four wood, trim scrap pieces, you can use them as guides, for positioning the partition straight, and at the same distance from the wall, at the floor and ceiling level.

Remember you must install your partitions first, before you apply any interior finishes.

1 comment:

Steinworks said...

this is very exciting, I cant wait to see how your rooms turn out..this is almost like watching rehab addict :)



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