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Monday, November 16

The Vermont Farmhouse Jr Week 13

All of the porch parts must be finished before you begin assembly. Even the support parts.

You also want to lay your dollhouse on its back. If the back roof is already installed, like mines, just allow it to hang off the table, so that the dollhouse lays flat. Don't attempt to build the porch with the dollhouse right side up. You wont be able to. Cabinet grade dollhouses do not have tab and slots to keep parts in place so, you will have to use gravity to your advantage.

Because there are no tab and slots to align pieces, you will have to pay close attention to the instructions, so that you know where to place your parts for this assembly. Measure and also use the clapboard siding as a guide to make sure parts are straight.

The porch is assembled right onto the dollhouse. Make sure you follow the instructions to a T, so that you get the right fit.

The porch columns are temporarily used in order to sit the porch supports at the right height. If you don't sit these supports at the right height, the columns will not fit later on.

Also, notice that the porch supports are not perfect triangles. They are made so that the porch roof sits on a slight incline. Make sure you place your support on top of the porch support illustration in the instructions and match them up, before you glue them in place. That way you know you are gluing them on correctly.

Install the porch roof after the support and spacers are dry and keep the dollhouse on its back until everything is thoroughly dry.

Take this time to finish the rest of the porch parts.

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