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Monday, August 24

The Vermont Farmhouse Jr Week 01

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The Vermont Farmhouse Jr By Real Good Toys

I am often asked by miniaturists, why aren't there any cabinet grade dollhouse assemblies blogged? My reply is, they are just too simple to assemble, so they do not require a step by step assembly blog, which is what I host.

I specialize in tab and slot dollhouse assembly. I enjoy the challenge but I mostly like to relieve builders of the anxiety associated with these dollhouse kits. Each one of these kits has its own assembly challenges, so I try to blog as many tab and slot dollhouse models as I can.

This doesn't mean that I do not like cabinet grade dollhouses. I have owned a few myself. So, to the joy of many out there, that have inquired about these dollhouses, I introduce to you The Vermont Farmhouse Jr by Real Good Toys and yes, I will blog its entire assembly.

Cabinet grade dollhouses have been designed for quick and easy assembly. Once you know the basics of how a cabinet grade dollhouse goes together, you can pretty much assemble all of them, from the small, to the very large. You really don't have to see your specific model being assembled, step by step, to get the gist of how these go together. They all go together, in basically the same way. I am going to blog this assembly in detail so, that it can be used for any Real Good Toys Dollhouse model.

The Vermont Farmhouse Jr is one of the most popular models that Real Good Toys offers. It is available as a fully assembled dollhouse and as a front opening dollhouse. You can take these two other options into consideration before purchasing your kit. I actually would have really liked the front opening version of this dollhouse but I found out about it after my current kit had already been purchased.

I am sure a lot of my followers are wondering what my plans for this kit are. Well, I have a fun one. This dollhouse is going to house these little guys, Calico Critters.

I didn't want the Critters in a fancy, display dollhouse but I also didn't want them in a plastic, toy house. Tab and slot dollhouses are too true to scale for these furry guys to live in comfortably. My space is very limited, so I needed a dollhouse that had five rooms, plenty of space but was still on the small side. I also wanted something quick to assemble, since I want to play with these critters now, not months from now.

In comes Real Good Toys to save the day. They have playhouses and they are real good ones. Something an adult can enjoy and appreciate. After browsing all of their models, I settled on the Vermont Farmhouse Jr because the style matches these little dolls and it has the interior space I need, without being such a large model.

I know the retail price for this kit seems expensive but I will remind everyone that the kit brings everything you need to complete the dollhouse. Shingles, shutters, pre-milled siding, flower boxes and a working front door. It also comes with hardwood floors, which I am unfamiliar with, but will soon become acquainted. All of this equals to an expense you do not have to make later.

I upgraded this kit with interior doors. You can purchase them directly from the manufacturer or from your miniatures dealer. Just make sure you measure the door opening, in order to fit the right size door. It would be very difficult to modify the door openings in order to fit a wrong sized door, for this type of dollhouse. You can contact the manufacturer and ask for suggestions.

Usually doors made by Houseworks will work on these dollhouses but the doors sold by Hobby Lobby work as well. Those are the ones I purchased and they fit perfectly.

There is a staircase upgrade available for this model. It has the spindled railing and landing set but I am going to be creative with the kits staircase and create my own landing rail.

The good thing about these kits is, that you do not have to make decisions about upgrades right now. All upgrades can be completely installed way after the Calico Critters Sandy Cat Family has settled in. No areas of this dollhouse will be inaccessible after assembly. You do not even have to glue the kits staircase permanently in place, if you want to upgrade it at a later time. Leave it installed but unglued, so you can switch it out for the upgraded one whenever you decide. This gives you plenty of time to make up your mind on what upgrade you may want, without having to stall your assembly.

This dollhouse is also easily expandable with colonial addition and even a conservatory, that can be used to create more room later on. So, if other little woodland critters want to move in with the Sandy Cat Family, the whole family doesn't have to move to a larger house, they can just upgrade the one they have.

This feature is going to be very conveniant for my project, since there are other similar dolls to the critters, called Lil Woodzeez. They are just as cute and have a wide array of accessories that can be added, mixed and matched with the Calico Critters display. This dollhouse is going to bring me many hours of fun.

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