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Monday, July 27

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited Week 29

Interior Windows
Now that the dollhouse is complete on the interior, I was able to go ahead and install the windows.

Like I mentioned before, I created wooden mullions using square dowel trim in the same thickness as the silk screened mullions. That way you do not have to replace your kit windows just because they are silk screened. It is difficult to find acetate. The silk screening is completely hidden underneath the wooden mullions. I applied them to both the interior and exterior of each window except the cellar windows. Those windows only have the mullions on the exterior.

All of the windows are permanently glued on except for the second floor hallway window. This is the window opening that you would need access to if you ever have to access any area within the second floor hallway. Because I hinged my bathroom door, I certainly do not want to close this space off permanently. There is no other access to this area unless you hinged your bedroom doors or made them removeable in some way. Even so, you would only have access to this area from the side. If you want front access, you need to be able to remove this window and make it a point of entry.

Because of this, I glued this window using re-positional, non permanent glue. That way, I can reach in through the bathroom door and remove the window if need be. Any kind of non permanent glue that can be used in scrapbooking will work for this.

I was debating the use of curtains for this dollhouse but in the end, I took my own advice and created curtains.

Dollhouses need curtains. The curtains not only make the dollhouse look more like a home, they are essential in giving it a more finished look by hiding any imperfections that might otherwise stand out.

I don't like heavy drapery, especially for this model dollhouse. The interior space is small enough and blocking the light from the windows with heavy fabric will make the interior appear even darker and smaller. That is why I like valances. They create just the right balance by giving the appearance of curtains without the heavy, bulk. You can also still look through the windows and peak inside.

I like to glue the valances to a strip of wood, rather than the window trim itself. It makes it easier to install. I used tacky glue on the Beacon Hill Dollhouse to do this but on this dollhouse, I went ahead and used hot melt glue to attach the fabric to the wood strip. The reason I decided to do this is because hot melt glue does not affect the color fastness of the fabric but tacky glue does.

If you install your strip wood with the attached valance to your interior window trim using re-positional glue, you will be able to redecorate in the future.

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