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Monday, July 6

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited Week 26

Assembling The Interior Chimney
Since I bashed my roof because of the mural I applied to the attic ceiling, the chimney had to be modified as well. The part of the chimney that was attached to the interlocking roof piece was cut off and the roof was applied without it.

Now I had to cut the rest of the chimney pieces to match the cut off roof chimney piece. That way they all have matching heights. They need to fit in the attic space, between ceiling and floor, once assembled.

So I assembled the modified chimney parts as the kit instructions recommend. Modifying these parts does not impede or change the assembly of the chimney in any way. You assemble it the same way, just with shorter parts that do not need to be attached to the dollhouse roof. It needs a lot of sanding and spackle so that it is smooth on all sides.

Because this chimney sits right smack in the middle of the attic and this, of course, takes up display space and view, I wanted to make it special some how.

I bashed it into a chimney/storage area. I made the angled part of the chimney into a moveable door to create the storage area.

This "door" is difficult to hinge because it has tab and slots on the side so because of this, I made it more of a trap door that swings open and closed vertically. It does not really need a hinge to have this function. Just position the "door" like I did. Do not glue.

I added a wooden cap to create the "handle" for it because that's what I had available but you can add a miniature furniture pull if you'd like.

Installing The Interior Chimney
Then I installed the chimney into the dollhouse and glued it to the floor. It does not need to be glued to the ceiling. This can damage the mural because it is paper.

I then added baseboards along the bottom of the chimney. The top is flush to the mural ceiling. Make sure that your interior chimney aligns to the exterior one. This makes it look like one continuous piece going through the roof, even though it is not.

If you have a gap between the chimney and your ceiling, you can use the same baseboard trim to trim to the top of it and hide the gaps. I did not have gaps so I did not need to do this.

Now this plain chimney has a function. It can serve as a nice wood bin. I finished mines white, to match the trim but you can finish it anyway you wish to match your decor.

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