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Friday, January 9

Limited Edition 2015 Creatin' Contest Kit Interior Finishing

Finally, I worked on the interior of the dollhouse.

I kept it very simple as a local charity is interested in the dollhouse. I figure that whoever ends up buying it might want to change the interior, so if I keep it simple, it will be easier for them to do so.

I simply painted the walls to match the exterior of the dollhouse.

I primed the floors with a dark brown paint and I added a paper flooring. This is actually shelf paper and I did not add additional adhesive to it, so that it will be easy to remove. That way if the person who ends up with the dollhouse, wants to change it, they can do so easily and without damaging the flooring underneath. Shelf paper, makes great flooring. It has a very nice shine to it and I love that it looks like it would be in an Alaskan cabin.

I added baseboards to the flooring for a more finished look but also to add a little strength to it, since I did not add additional adhesive.

This dollhouse is extremely simple to work on and change once fully assembled. You do not have to make all of your decisions before you begin your project. The dollhouse is completely accessible in all areas of its interior and spacious enough to work in comfortably.

Just because I kept it simple, doesnt mean you have to. This dollhouse has a lot of potential in its interior. You can easily make a second floor, a loft and even a simple room partition, using foam core or balsa wood in the same thickness as the kit. It is very versatile kit.

It was really enjoyable to work on and I am sure that whoever ends up with it, will continue to enjoy it for years to come. I hope that I was able to make the assembly of this dollhouse less intimidating, so go get yours before the contest is over!

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