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Monday, May 25

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited Week 20

Mural Attic Ceiling
The attic ceiling of this dollhouse is an open space where you can see the beams and structure of the roof. It can be finished in multiple ways. You can stain it so it looks like an unfinished attic ceiling or you can texture it, like I did on my first Willowcrest. You can also paint it to match your interior trim and use spackle to hide gaps.

Because it is so difficult to finish nicely, I decided to go ahead and cover mines instead. This room is not going to be an attic but a music room so it would be nice to have a real ceiling in here. There are many ways of doing this and there is no one right way to do it. As long as you end up with the look you want, you can cover the ceiling anyway you want.

I decided to apply a mural wallpaper to mines and I wanted it framed, like a picture would be. Because of this, I added the mural on the top of the dollhouses ceiling frame, rather than underneath it.

First, I finished the ceiling trim/cornice by painting the area that faces the interior of the attic, white. I then covered it with ceiling paper. This way the what will be the frame of the mural will be nicely finished.

After it was dry, I glued it to the top of my attic walls. The side with ceiling paper facing the interior of the dollhouse. It will act as a frame when viewed from underneath. I also added the corresponding exterior trim around it and used binder clips to keep it clamped in place while the glue dried. At this point, from the top, it looks like an empty picture frame.

I applied my mural wallpaper to a stiff poster board. You can use foam core if you want. I recommend a glue stick so your wallpaper does not warp. I centered it on the "frame" and cut to fit. I then glued the edges in place. I used hand held weights to clamp it down while it dried.

From the bottom, you can see how the mural looks like it's on a frame. I applied dowels for ceiling trim along the edges of the "frame" and attic walls. Now I have a covered ceiling.

I added wooden caps along the corners of the framed dormers for a little more detail.

You will need to use spackle on the small slot holes along the inside edges of the ceilings "frame". These slots are where the chimney/roof structure was to sit on.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea, beautiful!


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