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Monday, May 18

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited Week 19

Finishing The Attic
I installed the flooring in the attic today. It is much easier to install flooring, apply wallpaper and finish the dormers with the roof off but the chimney might be an obstacle in doing that. You have several choices you can make at this moment.
  • Install the chimney before the flooring
  • Install the chimney after the flooring
  • Omit the chimney altogether
If you install the chimney before the flooring, then you must apply your flooring around it. You will need to add baseboards to the bottom of the chimney for a more finished look. The chimney is attached to the roofing, you will have to apply your flooring and wallpaper with the roof in place.

If you install the chimney after the flooring, then you will need to cut off the chimneys floor tabs, as they are not needed anymore. You will also have to trim a little off the top or bottom of the chimney to accommodate the added height caused by the flooring.

Some people do not like the chimney in the middle of this large attic. They feel that the dollhouse is already limited in space and now the only large room in being dominated by a chimney right smack in the middle of it. If this is you, you can leave the chimney off. Just cut it off the roof section. It will not impede placement of the exterior roof chimney in any way.

I like the open attic but I also love the architectural details of the dollhouse and would like to keep its integrity. So I am bashing my chimney instead. I am also bashing the ceiling in this attic so I can apply a mural instead of keeping the open beams look.

We will get to this bash a little later.

Finishing The Dormers Interior
Just like with the Beacon Hill Dollhouse, these dormers need a lot of work.

I recommend covering the ceilings with ceiling paper, sandpaper or some other type of textured cover. This will give you the best look since the gaps are pretty significant to be covered with spackle. If you would like to stain your dormers, you can always cover them with thin, flexible, wood veneer found at the craft store. This veneer is easily cut with scissors for the perfect fit and will bend into an arch.

I suggest you frame your dormers with strip wood for a more finished look. This will also hide uneven, raw and gapped edges.

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