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Friday, January 2

Limited Edition 2015 Creatin' Contest Kit Week 1

I recieved the Hobby Builders Supply ( Denise's City Cottage Kit. This is a limited edition dollhouse kit that is used for contestants to enter the annual 2015 Creatin' Contest, but you do not need to enter the contest to purchase one of these kits. You can see an example of a finished kit and purchase finishing products for it here.

Though I am not entering the contest myself, I decided to give my opinion on the kit and to show everyone what I will do with it. Now there is plenty of time to work on this kit because gives everyone an entire year to work on their project before the entry date deadline of December 16, 2015.

This is a small kit but not as small as I expected it to be so you will have plenty of space for decorating. It is also open to many different types of finishes since the kit itself is not style specific. You can make this kit anything you would like it to be.

Once I opened the box, it was not surprising to find an MDF kit. This is what a lot of people want. They see thick, sturdy, smooth wood and have an automatic impression that it's good quality. MDF always gives the perception of quality but remember, anyway you chop it, it's still wood and chopping this, will not be easy. If you want to modify this kit, you will need power tools.

MDF is generally very heavy but because this kit is small, it's pretty light. I was able to carry it myself, even though I have a bad back.

It also appears to be a quick-build kit. MDF and cabinet grade dollhouses usually are. This is another thing that is popular amongst miniature enthusiasts. A lot of builders like to make the project unique for themselves but rather spend most of the time decorating than building.

Like most MDF kits, this one has working windows but what really sparked my enthusiasm was to see a real working sliding door. I really like that detail. It's not a common thing to see since most dollhouses are designed to be traditional and do not incorporate modern touches like these.

I haven't read the instructions yet so I can't yet tell you if this kit requires glue and nails, like most MDF kits do. I still don't know the details but as I begin the kit and progress building it, I will let you all know more.

I will be working on this slowly since I have another project started but I don't think this will be difficult in any way. They give you a whole year to finish this project but by the looks of this kit, you would be done building it in about a weeks time. That gives you the whole year to decorate, play and take photos of it for the contest. I have no idea what I am going to make this. I think the ideas will come to me as I begin working on it.

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