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Monday, January 12

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Revisited Week 1

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The Willowcrest Dollhouse has been one of the most sought after dollhouse kits since it was discontinued many years ago. During that time the only way to acquire one of these kits was on bidding/trading sites. Even there, it was difficult to find, since the ones who had it were not too eager to part with it. Since that time, Greenleaf Dollhouses re-released the kit, by popular demand, and now more builders are ready to assemble their very own Willowcrest. The dollhouse has been out of stock for quite a while now but it plans on making a comeback soon. For those that want to assemble one right now though, its back to the bidding/trading sites where you can more easily get your hands on this kit and at a much more reasonable price.

Many first time builders contact me frequently about optional finishes they would like to use on their dollhouse but are unprepared for what difficulties they might encounter or the best way to proceed. So, in this second assembly I am going to detail some popular finishes and assembly options that others might like to try on their Willowcrest.

What I have planned to cover for this build are:
  • Applying ceiling paper to all ceilings
  • Applying floor covers to all floors (paper, vinyl)
  • Shingling the dormers and adding flower boxes to them
  • Creating a stained glass skylight for the living room bay roof
  • Using sandpaper and widows walk on all the flat roofs
  • Creating a fan shaped, siding design for the front wall
  • Giving the main roof a copper finish
  • Making a storm, iron door for the front door
  • Bashing the attic ceiling for the application of a mural
  • Wood trim paneling for all interior doors
  • Hinging of the front and closet doors
  • Creating a raised, wooden applique decoration for the porch posts and fireplaces
  • Adding extra trim and details on the exterior and chimney
  • Discussing other alternate assembly options and their pros and cons
The color scheme of this dollhouse will also be different. I will try to re-create a color scheme used on the Morley Dollhouse by Lawbre. I also want to use some of the architectural details used on the Morley as well.

A lot of the other ideas for this dollhouse, are not mines. I will be crediting and linking the miniaturist that I got inspiration from, as I blog this assembly.

So, if you have one of these kits laying around, it's time to dust off the box and start this project.

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