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Monday, November 24

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 36

The Cellar Window
This dollhouse brings a cellar window but it also brings a "cellar" to go with it. Basically, when assembled, the cellar window is a small box that is placed underneath the dollhouse. This is a great opportunity to do something with it. I decided to create a diorama of a scene you would most likely find in a creepy old cellar.

I assembled the cellar "box" and primed it. I added the brick paper I used for the chimney and will be using for the foundation to the back wall. I painted the floor gray and speckled it with light brown paint to create a cement floor. I left the sill part unfinished for later.

I printed out two racoons from the computer, in the right size. You can purchase miniature raccoons, or any other critter if you like, but make sure you measure the space you have for them. This cellar is very small and there is no leeway underneath the dollhouse. The height of the back wall of this cellar is the only height you have.

I used the hairs of a paint brush to add whiskers to the raccoon print out. This gives them a little bit more of a three dimensional look. I also glued them to a scrap of wood so they wouldn't be flat against the cellar wall but a little bit forward to create more depth. I added too miniature rats next to them and some moss for "nesting material". I also added a little scrunched up paper and a scrap of foil to create the look of some trash around them. Bits of cotton make great cobwebs.

You will have to add sides to this cellar box so you don't see the unfinished underside of the dollhouse when you peer through the cellar window. I used sandpaper for side walls so it doesn't look like a bricked in box but rather like there is another area to this cellar as well. I painted the underside of the dollhouse, where the cellar will be placed, black. If you don't paint it, the raw wood will be visible when you look through the cellar window.

Now the diorama is ready to be glued in place. Once in, you can add some more cobwebs around the corners of the window opening. I finished the sill and the surrounding foundation area.

The way you are suppose to install the window is by gluing the acetate window pane to the interior side of the window opening and then you add the trim to the exterior. You will not be able to do that if you finished your cellar with accessories. You can not make a permanent window or you will not be able to access the cellar later on. I recommend you glue your acetate window pane to the back of the window trim instead. Finish and assemble your window trim as directed. Now the window is one piece, with the acetate attached to it.

Install it with re-positional glue so that you can remove it if necessary in the future. I am using a glue recommended by Casey from Casey's Minis. It is called E6000 Extreme Tack Re-positional Glue. It allows you to create your own glue dots which dry clear and tacky in 8 hours. You can then attach your item wherever you want and it can be removed later. This is my first time using this product but it appears that the glue will not leave residue on any surface or damage paper but still has great hold. We will see how it holds up as I continue to use it on different surfaces.

1 comment:

shannonc60 said...

That's so cute! And a great idea to add character to a house!


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