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Monday, November 10

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 34

Window Sills
The window sills for all of the windows have to be finished using the same technique shown below.

If you want the window sills to have a different color on the interior than the exterior, you have to finish half of each individual part of the sill differently.

These sills are made of laminated layers of different sizes. This gives them the layered look of real Victorian trim. I recommend you sort out all of the parts first and make sure that you are able to assemble the window sills properly before you begin finishing them.

For my dollhouse, I wanted the exterior sills to have a dark brown top and bottom with a lighter brown middle. To achieve this, I had to paint half of the sill parts, that face the exterior, in the colors I want. I painted half of the large and small sills dark brown and the medium sills light brown.

I left the half of the sill which face the interior alone for now, because I want them to be completely white so I can wait and paint them after laminating them together.

Once laminated together they create the effect shown below. White inside and three colors outside.

Installing The Window Sills
You do not have to glue the sills unless they are so loose that they fall. This will of course, happen to the top one and not the bottom.

The sills go in with a little struggle so be patient. Remember, the siding is in the way and you have to be careful with your wallpaper. I recommend you sand the wall notches on each sill before installation so they go in easier.
Place one sill on the top and one on the bottom of the window openings. Make sure that the large sill is always on top, to create the cascading downwards effect.

Installing The Window Casings
Once the sills are in, you can install the casings into the window openings. The best way to do this is to install the interior trim of the window first. Installing the interior trim first, helps in two ways. You can have access through the unobstructed opening to clamp the trim with binder clips. This is great because once the casing is in, there is no way to clamp the interior trim onto it, except with masking tape and you want to avoid having to use tape on your wallpaper. Having the interior trim in place, also helps you insert the casing without it falling inwards through the opening.

First center the finished interior trim on the window opening and clamp with binder clamps, if necessary. Once dry, remove the clamps, touch up with paint and insert the casing into the window opening. Press it gently until it touches the interior trim.

Now you can finish and install the exterior trim, whenever your ready.

Since the exterior trim is made of two different size parts, you can finish and laminate them together so they are ready to be installed when you are.

The Kitchen Bay Windows
These are finished and installed like in the rest of the dollhouse but with one difference, the window shelf.

If you would like to install the window shelf, sandwich the wide part where it will rest on between the large and small sills of the bottom window sill. Basically this wide part is the middle piece of your bottom window sill. Finish the half that faces the exterior in your dollhouse color scheme and the half that faces the interior to match your interior trim.

After the sill is finished, rest the kitchen shelf on it. You can leave it removeable or glue it down. I glued mines down so I can finish the surrounding area better.

Keep In Mind
It is much easier to install the casings and trim if the sills have not been glued on. It allows you to move them up and down to obtain a perfectly straight window. The casings and trim will not allow the sills to move once installed.

You might have to cut a little off the "legs" of your trim so it fits between the sills. Do this little by little so you don't cut off too much.

Do not nit pick, especially on the bay windows. Because the bay sills go in a little differently than the sills of the other windows, you might have a hard time getting your casings in place. Sand them down until they fit. You might also have an issue with exterior trim. Some of the legs might not reach all the way down to the sill or there might be a small gap between the trim and top sill. Do not try to fix this. You will make it worse instead of better. The last thing you want is caked spackle in these small areas, calling attention to the problem rather than hiding it. Let it be. Know one will notice unless you point it out. As long as your bay is straight, everyone will be focused on the beauty of the dollhouse and not on these minor inconsistencies.

On the interior of your windows, stay away from the spackle unless the gap is enormous. Again, you don't want spackle caked into small areas making them more visible and worse.


Rhonda said...

These are wonderful and helpful step-by-step tutorials you are offering as you progress on your Beacon Hill house! I've helped my college-aged daughter work on her dollhouse, which is a Lilliput house, but looks like the Arthur house, these past few years and have gotten the bug! We've added lots of upgrades to her house, and it's so cute! I told my husband I wanted a dollhouse for Christmas, and he looked very surprised. I only want to do one dollhouse in my lifetime (however long that is!)and am having a hard time deciding between the Beacon Hill, the Garfield, or Real Good Toys' Harborside Mansion. Large projects, I realize! Any advice?

Gina said...

Hi Rhonda,

If there is only one dollhouse that you want to do in your lifetime, then I recommend the Beacon Hill. This dollhouse has everything you would ever want in a "one in a lifetime" dollhouse assembly. It has lots of details and is a great bargain, since the siding and shingles are included in the kit. It has lots of bashable areas to make the dollhouse truly yours.

The best advice I can give you is to remember that tab and slot dollhouses (Greenleaf) go together very differently from cabinet grade (Real Good Toys) dollhouses. You have already experienced working with a Real Good Toys Dollhouse and I don't want you to think that tab and slot goes together in the same way. The assembly process is very different.

Become familiar with it first. Read the information in this blog before you make a decision, so you know what to expect.

Rhonda said...

Thank you for your invaluable advice! I will research the tab and slot configuration and take into account all your tips before I made a decision. Thanks again -- I appreciate it!

Rhonda said...

Hi Gina,

After much thought and consideration, I bought the Harborside for my Christmas present, which unfortunately is still in the boxes. Someday.... I'm caring for my mother now, so that is the priority. I noticed that you live in the Sunshine State, as do I -- Fort Myers. No miniature shops around here that I can find, so all my purchases have to be online. Have you discovered any good shops in south Florida?

Btw, thanks again for all these wonderful tutorials and suggestions that you have on your site! They are invaluable for a newbie!


Gina said...

Hi Rhonda,

The only shop that I know of is Ron's Miniatures in Orlando.

There are more Florida shops listed on thiswebsite.

I don't know how many of them are still around though so I have no idea when the list was last updated. Good thing they have contact information in the listings.


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