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Monday, October 6

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 29

Mansard Roofs
For the mansard roof curved panels its easy to incline towards installing them as they will sit on the dollhouse, with the curve inwards. This makes installation nearly impossible. Instead, you want to install the panel with the curve facing outwards and then push the panel in to obtain the inward curve.

In order to accomplish this successfully, make sure all of your roof trim has been allowed to thoroughly dry for at least 24 hours.

The pressure the trim applies to the panel once you push the curve inwards, helps clamp the panel down on the roof supports but you want to still add masking tape along the dormer window openings and the corners. Press down on your panels to make sure that they are actually sitting tightly against the roof supports.

Because no dollhouse is completely square, you might have a panel or an area of panel that might refuse to curve inwards and try to split with the pressure. If this occurs because the pressure is too much, cut down the top of the stubborn panel to ease the pressure and allow the panel to fit correctly. Because these panels are paper laminated birch veneer, they are easily cut with scissors.

The most important area you want to prioritize with these panels is the dormer window openings. They must sit even with the interior wall openings. Everything else can be trimmed, sanded or hidden later but if both openings are not aligned, your dormer windows will be unable to be installed or will become extremely difficult to install.

Tower Mansard Roof Bash
Because the tower of the dollhouse has been bashed into a room, the mansard roof panels will no longer work as they are. They have to be modified.

The two side panels must be cut as you see on the photos below. This will allow for their back edge to sit flush against the back roof supports, just as they do on the third floor of the dollhouse.

The back panel is obviously left off and the front panel goes in as it would normally.


Anonymous said...

I have just started on a BH dollhouse. green leaf has added additional sheets #28 A-E. These are replacement roof parts that are very thin with backing on them.
Did you use these on your 2nd BH? They are not mentioned in the instructions and to make it more confusing, the original roof parts are still on the regular sheets.

Gina said...

These cardboard, wood veneer sheets are included in the new and improved Beacon Hill Dollhouse kits. They are not available on much older kits. The purpose of these sheets is to make the mansard roof curve easier and more pronounced. They are essential for making the assembly of the roof easier so yes, I used them on all three of my Beacon Hill kits.

Be careful with discarding any other parts until the assembly is done but if your kit came with the original roof parts as well, then you do not have to use them. Use the cardboard sheets instead.


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