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Monday, September 8

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 25

Tower Base Bash
I am making the tower roof into an extra room, which can be used as an attic space or anything you would like. In order to create the tower roof into a room, I first have to bash the base.

I decided to create a faux attic trap door on the underside of the base. This is the side that will become the middle third floor ceiling. As you can see, I did not remove the center of the base because I need it to become the floor of the tower room.

You can do this differently. You can remove the center and later make your own floor for your tower room but I did not want to complicate this. I also want a nice smooth ceiling finish and not removing the center of this base will achieve that.

I first primed the ceiling side with white paint. The ceiling area is located inside of the slots. The other side of the slots will be in the exterior of the dollhouse and should be painted before installation of the base since it it will be hard to get your brush to it later.

I then glued trim around the section I want to make into a door. I decided to use the middle, right above there the rooms window will be. It seemed like the most logical place to place this trap attic door. It can be easily viewed when you look inside the dollhouse and there is floor space under it to incline a ladder if you want to later on. I added a knob to the "door".

I did not hinge the door or make it real in any way because the tower room is just too small to accommodate a real trap door. This is only suppose to be an illusion because the ceiling side is much larger than the rooms floor side will be.

I then made a paper template of the surrounding area and cut it onto ceiling paper. I glued ceiling paper to this area.

Installing The Base
The installation is tricky. There is a possibility that all of your wall tabs will not align completely with all of the bases slots and if they do, it might make your base seem crooked. Your main concern at this point is to make sure your base is straight because if it's not, your tower roof will not be straight and basically this tower roof is the main focal point of the entire exterior of this dollhouse. Cut off any tabs that are not allowing you to sit the base straight.

In my case, I had to cut three tabs off, from the back walls. The front and side tabs were fine. They aligned the base correctly. Your bases eaves should be even on all sides and it should be level. If it's lopsided, sand down the top of whatever wall is higher so that you have a nice even surface to sit your base on.

I am glueing the base permanently to the dollhouse because it does not need to be removed.

You can see how the attic trap door looks from the interior in the photos below.

Because of some tabs not aligning correctly, you might want to use a wider ceiling trim for this area. I used baseboard trim instead of the dowels for a cleaner look.

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