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Monday, August 4

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 20

Back Edge Trim
I really don't like the back edge trim that comes with this dollhouse. These parts are labeled as Back Roof Edge, Second Floor Back Edge and Third Floor Back Edge. These pieces lay flat against your floors back edge and the notches go into the interior walls. Basically the notches look terrible because there is no way to make them invisible for a nice smooth finish. Also, when you apply your own trim for the back edge of your walls, it never lines up with these trims causing the wall trim to overlap them.

To avoid this, I decided to make my own back edge trim so I get a nice smooth finish and my vertical wall trim butts up seamlessly with these floor trims.

You need to buy wood strips from your local craft store in the size: 1/2" Wide X 1/4" Thick. The length doesn't matter because you can cut them to size. Just make sure they are long enough to cover the entire width of your dollhouse.

Cut your trim to the right length and then apply it to your floorings back edge. You will notice that because of its thickness, it will protrude past the walls notches. This is good because this will allow you to butt your walls back edge vertical trim to it.

As you can see by the pictures, my back wall vertical trim sits nicely against the floor trim.

I also placed another of these trims along the first floor edge. I will continue upwards as I finish each floor.

Keep In Mind
Use clamps to hold it in place and binder clips to keep it straight. Avoid using masking tape because it can damage the paper ceilings.

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