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Monday, July 7

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 16

Kitchen Copper Ceiling
I used a plastic sheet that is stamped out to look like ceiling tiles to apply to my kitchen ceiling.

Use a fine grit sand paper to go over the plastic sheet, both front and back to allow for paint and glue to adhere to it better.

The ceiling is square so a template did not have to be used. I just measured out the sheet to the right size by dry fitting it to the ceiling, just like I do wallpaper.

Once it was cut to the perfect fit, I painted it with copper paint. Two coats are necessary and you must allow it to dry thoroughly between coats. If you don't, the second coat will continue pulling off the first coat and you will not achieve an even color.

I then used tacky glue to glue the sheet in place.

The kitchen's ceiling is divided so you have to apply your ceiling finish to the small, narrow area on the bay side. It is best done before the bay wall goes up since the area is hard to access later.

Once your ceilings are done, you can install the kitchen bay.

Keep In Mind
Always prime the area you will apply these plastic sheets to since they are quite thin and color variations or dark unfinished wood will be visible through them.

This kitchen ceiling is divided into a main area and then a small, narrow area above the window. Some people do not like this narrow area so you can close it off by covering it with foam core or a balsa wood slab. Just cut it to fit this area so it can be closed off. It will not interrupt the assembly of the dollhouse but make sure you measure how low the ceiling will become in this area before you commit to closing it off. You have to make sure the kitchen window trim will have enough space to fit correctly at the top.

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