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Monday, June 2

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 11

Foyer Flooring
I had primed the floor with brown paint so I could apply my floor covering to it but later on I decided it would be easier to apply the covering to a template instead.

I used copy paper to make a template of the foyer floor. I then transferred it to a cardstock poster board.

Check the fit often and cut the edges as necessary until you achieve a perfect fit. The template should fit comfortably on your floor. The edges should be as close to the walls as possible but do not worry about it being too perfect, since any minor gaps will be hidden with baseboards.

Once the cardstock template fits nicely, paint it with brown paint or any color paint that closely matches what your floors finish will be.

I am using Greenleaf's Wooden Floor Tiles to create a parquet type of flooring. These birch veneer tiles are excellent for recreating wooden inlays and other floor designs. They can be easily cut with scissors and have beautiful grain running through them. They can also be finished in any way you like, from stain to paint.

I alternated wood grains as I applied the tiles to the cardstock template using hot melt glue. This is the best glue to use for flooring like this because it adheres quickly, allowing for your pattern to not shift. Hot melt glue will also not warp your tiles.

If you are cutting smaller pieces of tile in intricate patterns, you might want to go ahead and use wood or tacky glue to adhere the tiles. It will look better aesthetically since hot melt glue dries thickly and this will be noticeable on smaller patterns. You can then place weights over your tiles as they dry, to control warping and the shifting of your pattern. Let small sections dry at a time and work slowly.

After I was done glueing all of the tiles in place, I presented the tiled template to my floor to check the fit. Cut as necessary so that it fits properly.

I then stained the tiles in an alternating pattern using light and dark stain. You can make your colors darker by applying more coats of stain, which is what I had to do since my dark stain was not dark enough at first. Let the stain dry between coats.

After the stain was dry and it was the color I wanted, I applied two coats of satin varnish but you can also use gloss.

I glued the template to the dollhouses floor using tacky glue and held it down with hand held weights to keep it from lifting until it was dry.

The inspiration for this flooring was this picture:

Keep In Mind
Do not apply your staircase post trims until your floor is in place.


Debora said...

It looks great Gina!

Paula Power. said...

That's a lovely looking floor - well done :-)

The grandmommy said...


The grandmommy said...

Now, I know how to make the template for a problem bedroom. I was thinking of this this morning and here you are!


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