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Monday, April 14

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse Revisited Week 4

Even though I'm not blogging the step by step assembly of this dollhouse, I will still post updates of the build and this week was all about punching out parts.

Yes, the below picture is of all the parts that will become the Beacon Hill and yes, they all have to be sanded.

I prepare my kit a little differently than what you would expect and I do not recommend anyone new to dollhouse assembly to do this. I basically punched out every single part and threw it all in a pile. I did not have to label anything because I am very familiar with this kit.

A good way to sort out similar, unlabeled parts like the rectangle pieces that will make the staircase threads and risers versus the ones that will create the chimney is to just pile them all up and then count them to match the schematics. For example if the schematics have 12 risers, then you should have 12 identical rectangles and those would be your risers. They obviously could not be your chimney parts.

Broken Pieces
I encountered some brittle wood which caused some parts to break during the punch out process. I will repair them during sanding and show you an easy way to repair any broken part. Wood can be very easily mended so never fear broken parts. No matter how careful you are, broken parts are inevitable in most cases, especially since punching out parts can not be done gently. These parts are pretty well stuck to their sheets and force is necessary.

Keep In Mind
Again, this is for experienced builders only. You do not want to be a new builder and have to face what's in the photo below.

I cut out the box photo of the dollhouse, which is many times much more helpful that the instructions.

I found an easier way to discard punched out sheets. I just neatly placed them together and held them with a plastic tie wrap.

Sanding will take just as much time as punching out parts. I have my work cut out for me.


Lucille said...

Hi! Why do you find it necessary to disable the right click? All I wanted to do was to enlarge the pic to see it better. You've made that impossible. I don't know of any other miniaturist who does that! It's always nice to enlarge pics, especially where miniatures are concerned!

Steinworks said...

I'll be watching to see how this turns out


Gina said...

The right click has been disabled to protect content on the blog, not to prevent enlarging the photos. The photos can not be enlarged. They are fixed at the size they appear on the blog. This is a not for profit blog so I have to pay, out of pocket, for bandwidth used. Very large photos, increase bandwidth usage. I believe the photos are sized large enough for comfortable viewing. I have not had any other complaints about them.

Hannah said...

I look forward on seeing more of this house =)

A tip if you want to see larger pictures, just press ctrl and scroll the mouse, the web-page will be bigger or smaller (keep pressing the ctrl-button while scrolling) When you are done press ctrl+0 and the web-page will be the same size as usual.

Liduina said...

Hi Gina, nice to see your progress on the kit. You are indeed very familiar with it for I would not dare to collect the pieces this way with a punch-out kit :D
I am looking forward to your future posts.


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