Friday, February 8

The Half Scale Diana Dollhouse Day 15

In order to apply siding to this dollhouse, you must dry it your side porch trim so that your siding sits flush to it. I unfortunately realized this after starting the bottom three rows of siding and now there is a gap between the porch piece and my siding down there. I am hoping it will be hidden once I paint the siding since I painted the wall before siding it so any little gaps would be less visible.

I used a basswood strip to make my lap width guidelines. It seems to be the right width. Of course siding lap width is one of those things that you have to leave up to personal preferance. Some people like thinner lap widths and others wider.

I took my siding all the way up to the area where the gable begins. That's where I stopped and added a white trim to seperate the two areas.


Anonymous said...

Did you use real miniature.siding, or did you use basswood strips, like you chose for baseboards? (if you didn't use basswood on this one, have you used it as siding before?)thanks

Gina said...

I used half scale, birch veneer miniature siding. Basswood strips would not work for siding because it is way too thick and when you begin overlapping the pieces, it will be extremely difficult to apply corner trim or other components to the dollhouse.


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