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Friday, January 25

The Half Scale Diana Dollhouse Day 8

You can go ahead and wallpaper the dollhouse at this point. You will have to leave the attic for later because the front attic walls are created by the roof and that can not be installed at this time. So you can go ahead and do all of the side walls.

It's a little tricky to wallpaper this dollhouse because of the window mullions. You do not want to cover them with wallpaper so you have to dry fit your wallpaper pieces and with a lamp shining on the exterior of the dollhouse, you can use a pencil to outline where your windows are. Then you have to cut them out before applying the paper.

It doesn't have to be a perfect cut out but be careful. Laser cut dollhouses have very precise fitting parts so you want to cut as close to the window opening edges as possible so that the interior trim covers up the gaps well.

As you can see I am not using traditional dollhouse wallpaper but rather scrapbook paper in a complimentary color theme to the exterior of the dollhouse. I do not plan on decorating the dollhouse with furniture on the interior so this paper works fine. I just want a nicely finished interior even though the paper does not have realitic, true to scale prints.

I folded my wallpaper over the edge, that faces the front door, of the first floor partition. This is because that edge will be visible since the front door of this dollhouse is operable and can be opened to expose the staircase. You could cover it with trim like the back edges but it's not going to look as good.


Troy said...

Wow, I like the wallpaper. It looks great with monochromatic purple theme. Have you selected a color for the exterior yet?

Gina said...

Yup! Purple of course..:)


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