Tuesday, January 15

The Half Scale Diana Dollhouse Day 3

I put the dollhouse shell together today, following the instructions. They are very detailed and the illustrations, as I mentioned before, are very good. You will have no issues putting this together.

What you will question, of course, is the scale. The more walls you put up, the smaller the interior space becomes and you might be left wondering just how you will be able to finish it, considering the tight space. This might make you want to finish the dollhouse's interior before assembly but do not cave in. I know the space inside is small but it is all still accessible. As long as the space is accessible, you should always finish the interior after assembly for a nicer, neater and more professional look. Since the dollhouse is small and light weight, you will have no problems turning it on different sides to better access the interior walls and ceilings.

Just because the dollhouse is small, doesn't mean you can skip proper shell assembly steps. Remember to go over all of your joints with wood glue. The shell needs to be as sturdy as it would be in the one inch scale version. Since it is harder to run your finger along the joints to spread the glue, you can use a stiff bristled paint brush to do so.

Assemble all of the shell up until you reach the roof and then stop.

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