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Monday, October 22

My Second Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Week 4

Attic Floor

You have to finish the ceiling side of your Attic Floor before installation. Unlike the Second Floor, this floor can not be finished once installed. There are just too many inaccessible areas on it.

Installation will require a lot of tapping with your mallet, evenly in all areas, so it goes into place straight and with little issues.

Once this floor is in, you can finish the rest of the Chimney Assembly.

Interior Trim/Doors

This dollhouse brings trim for the bay archways. There is no trim for the foyer side archway. You can make it yourself using easy to cut wood laminate found at craft stores where the wood crafts are. Normally, you wouldn't need it since the foyer is inaccessible and not completely viewed once the front door is on but I decided that I am going to hinge the exterior doors of this dollhouse since I had extra hinges laying around. If your front door is operable, your foyer will be visible.

I trimmed the floors and ceilings of the rooms that were completed. Make sure you do not take your trim all the way to the back edges of the walls because there are partial walls that go along the sides of the dollhouses open back.

Trim is like shingling, a must for a nice finished look. Real miniature crown moulding and baseboard trim can be expensive and the elaborate interiors of tab and slot dollhouses can make them hard to put on properly. You can always use simple inexpensive wooden dowels and wood strips to make your trim. They can be found at any craft store.

This particular dollhouse does not give you much leeway between the window interior trim and your ceiling trim so apply your ceiling trim first. It must be very thin or your interior window trim will not fit later. Dry fit first.

Sand down your interior doors so they fit correctly. I had doorknobs for them but I still have to purchase the exterior door doorknobs. The kitchen door is already hinged. These doors do not have many layers so hinging them is not too difficult but remember, it takes a lot of work and patience to hinge tab and slot dollhouse doors. Expect an operable door but don't expect miracles. The wood is very thick and hard and the hinges are extremely small.

Bays/Bay Roofs/Porch Roof

I recommend you assemble your bays away from the dollhouse and finish them before installation. It is the easiest way. Finish the edges of your bay openings as they will be exposed once the bays are put in. I suggest you finish them the same way as the archway trim so they blend together.

The roofs for the bay and the porch are a little tricky. Have a thin object handy, that you can fit along the edges of the parts, to lift them so they can be positioned correctly.

Kitchen Shelves

This wall is very difficult to wallpaper because of all the angles and turns. I suggest you use a heavily patterned wallpaper for this room so you have a better outcome.

If you want your shelving area to not be wallpapered, you will have to carefully plan out where the wallpaper for the rest of the room will lay around it. Use trim for a more finished look.

Porch Trim

The porch and porch steps are very easy to assemble and will not be problematic.

Window Trim

All of the window trim is very easy to finish and install. You will have to use spackle for gaps along your window sill and window top trim areas.

The main problem you will have is the tower hallway windows. They are very deep into the dollhouse, in a very narrow hallway so getting your hands in there will be difficult. I suggest you put one window in at a time so you at least have the opening of the non-installed window for a little more access. Be patient but regardless this will be a difficult process. Especially for men, who have larger hands. Very long tweezers may come in handy.

You will be able to see with the interior window trim in place, just how little leeway there is for ceiling trim to fit properly but the wooden skewers I used, seem to work fine.

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