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Tuesday, September 4

The Half Scale Chantilly Dollhouse Day 13

Now it's time to move upwards in the assembly and begin preparation for the roof installation.

The first thing you need to do is decide what finishing you want for your attic. I decided to wallpaper the whole thing because I had some reversible scrapbook paper with two different and complimentary prints on each side. I thought that wallpapering the attic would make everything look nicer and since this is a very small dollhouse, it wouldn't take much paper to do this with.

The main thing you have to keep in mind when wallpapering this attic and really, any attic for that matter, is to dry fit your roof parts so you can see how they fit. Then you have to mark which areas of the roof part will fall in the attic, peak through into the lower room and which will be the eaves. This can be very confusing so do not try to do this without dry fitting the roof parts. Mark with a pencil what is what on your roof part. Then you have to finish the part in its entirety before beginning the installation.

I can not begin to tell you what a maze this attic is so label your roof parts carefully. This roof peaks into the room just below the attic on the second floor so you will have to wallpaper those areas according to the room they will fall into. I painted the eaves.

Do not use heavy wallpaper paste for this small project. Your wallpaper is not turning over any corners and there are not doors or windows up here, except for the tiny round attic window that does not have a sill. You can certainly use tacky glue or a glue stick to adhere this wallpaper to your roof pieces. Remember that you still need to prime your roof parts.

After you have that puzzle put together, make sure you cut out all of the slots through your wallpaper and lay your roof pieces elsewhere. They will not be needed right now.

This roof goes together with a series of interlocking roof supports and chimney that is located right in the middle of them. I can not emphasize enough how difficult this roof assembly is so gather your patience before beginning. It is a very confusing. Very elaborate and plain difficult to install.

Your MUST assemble the roof EXACTLY as the instructions tell you to or you will not be able to interlock the supports correctly or install the chimney. You will need a mallet.

Make sure your roof supports are finished before installation. The widows wall floor is part of this assembly.

Notice how I clamped everything down. It will be some time before everything dries enough to unclamp and after that, all paint touch ups must be done to this structure before the roof parts are installed. Once your roof parts are installed, you will not be able to access this area again for finishing.

1 comment:

Troy said...

Looks great so far - keep up the good work!


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