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Monday, September 10

The Half Scale Chantilly Dollhouse Day 16

The front and left side roof panels are even more difficult to install because the roof is even weaker on this side. Remember, that very thin roof supports will be holding the pressure of these panels so with patience, install the front panel first. You will have to tap with your mallet and force the panel in straight.

The left side panel is the hardest to install and the one that can compromise the structure because it will take a lot of force to get it in place.

Clamp a lot and clamp as you go. Do not wait to finish the whole assembly in order to clamp or one side will pop out while your trying to install the other.

Make sure you double check your attic floor joints. The attic floor, where your roof supports rest on, is held up by very tiny gable structures which can easily become loose from the pressure of the roof panels. Make sure everything is still in place and fix whatever isn't. Clamp everything very tightly and let it dry over night, just to be on the safe side.

Do not worry about the wallpaper of your roof panels not falling in the right areas or about the dormers. Let the entire structure dry tightly clamped and everything will be touched up and/or fixed later.

The installation of the back roof panel and the dormers are simple. Do not attempt to begin these installations until after your entire main roof is dry. Once again, clamp everything tightly and wait for it to be completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

It is going to take a lot of trim, to not only reinforce the roof assembly, but to also make everything look good. This will take several days. There are a lot of "peaking through" gables on the second floor and it will take a lot of trim to make them look nice and give them a finished look. I am using dowels to trim the entire ceiling of the second floor and to trim the attic.

I had to fix the "peaking through" wallpaper on the second floor because once the roof is installed, it can be slightly off to where it was suppose to be. All of that is fixed with wallpaper scraps.

Not to mention the attic itself needs complete reinforcement with trim but it is such a narrow area that it is inaccessible with your hands. You will need long tweezers to reach in there and place your trim.

Trim is really the only way to add support to the structure and give it a finished look. It can be time consuming and tedious but well worth it. I have already trimmed a lot but I still have a few more areas to cover. I also have to install the widows walk but that will be done after shingling.

Once your roof panels are in place, installing the dormers and gingerbread is very easy.

I primed the roof with brown paint so it will match the shingle stain I will be using.

1 comment:

Troy said...

I like the little attic rooms - the beams add a lot of character too!


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