Tuesday, July 10

The Cheltenham Dollhouse Day 11

I started working on the rooms that have tile. I tried to get as close to the tile in my house as I could so I went with this pattern. It's sort of an off-white/gray/brown tile. I left the floor underneath painted white because it will not clash with this light colored tile but it could have been painted light gray as well.

Even though the tile is peel and stick, I still apply a bead of tacky glue to each one. You do not want to lift the tiles all together and try to apply them all at once to your floor. This will make the floor look like one real life scale tile with grid cuts on it, which is basically what these tiles are. You want to lift each one and break the pattern so that they look like miniature tiles with their own designs on them. Try to keep the lines straight as you work your way from the front of the dollhouse to the back. Do not panic though because these tiles are very forgiving. Face any cuts you have to make towards the walls so you can hide them with floor trim later.

You will notice that the tiles along the edges of the sheet they come on have a little extra edge to them. You can not use these on your flooring, except to make cuts with them, because the extra edging will show significantly across your floors in such a tiny scale and break your grid pattern.

Notice I left the doors out and that the reason is that I am not sure if I am going to use the kits interior doors. I am trying to see if I can find six panel doors, like the ones in my house, that will fit these door openings custom measurements. Sometimes you can or you can at least find doors that will take very little trimming and adjusting to make them fit. I don't really care for working doors, I just want them to have the panels so I will most likely fit them in a fixed position, if I can find them. Doors usually come with the treshholds so as you can see there is a gap between floorings at the door openings.

If I can't find doors that I can make fit, then I will have to use the dollhouse doors. I will just insert them into the gap between the floors and it will cause an optical illusion as if the door is sitting on top of the floors rather than between them.

If you want working doors, you MUST join your two floors so the door sits on top rather than in between floorings.

This type of front opening dollhouse can not have floor and wall edge trims. They will not allow the panels to close properly and since the decor I chose is not like the Gloucester, I can't use fabric trim. So I just put some of the stucco texture on the edges so they match with the walls and ceilings. I also painted the floor edges with a similar color to the flooring to make them blend in better.

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