Wednesday, December 14

The Harrison Dollhouse Day 26

I am very excited to have finally finished the secret room of this dollhouse. I installed the doorknobs to the interior of the French doors. I continued my floor planks in the same direction as they are in the rest of the dollhouse. I know that some people do not mind for floor planks to go in different directions in different rooms. It's all a matter of preference.

This dollhouse has a lot of nooks and crannies so you will want to make sure you finished them all properly. I had to use a mirror for the secret room, just to make sure I got all of the areas correctly.

I want to mention the second floor staircase again. If you wallpaper your dollhouse and you do not want to stain your staircase unit in it's entirety, you might want to go ahead and use cardboard or thin wood to create a backing for this staircase. That way you can actually wallpaper the back of it instead of leaving it exposed.

Now comes all of the touch ups, especially along the thatched roof. I will need to make sure that I got every inch of this roof looking properly. I also have some paint touch ups to do here and there. I want to buy some flowers for the flower boxes too.

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MiniMaker said...

You have done a fabulous job, Gina!


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