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Sunday, October 23

The Harrison Dollhouse Day 21

Today I worked on the bathroom of the dollhouse. This room is small and I was able to stucco it but again the ceiling will have to be done later. It's been kind of fun to work on the dollhouse in segments like this for some reason. I like to see the outcome of each room as its finished.

I painted the room walls and primed the floor with the dark brown paint just like I did before.

I put in the door before I put down the floor covering. Obviously, this can not be done if you plan on hinging your interior doors so they work. Since I am not hinging this door, I decided it was best to do it this way and avoid having to cut the door down so it would fit.

You must install the flooring around the roof support. If you do not, you will have a strange, unfinished area on the front edge of the floor that you will not be able to blend in with the rest of your flooring.

You can blend in any areas of your stucco that cracks or sinks with spackle. Just fill in the areas, texture it to match and then paint. It will look just like the surrounding stucco. I had to do it around the chimney slot. The stucco kind of sunk around it and I had to fill it in with the spackle.

I noticed something interesting which I will not try out on this dollhouse but it's something to think about for future builds. One of the setbacks of applying a pre-finished floor cover to your floors, other than carpet, is that your staircases usually do not match and you can not apply the same covering to the staircase. Well, I had some left over shelf liner paper in a dark wood grain and when I put it side by side to the flooring, they are pretty much identical. The photos show a slight difference but in real life, they are the same. You can certainly cover your staircase with this type of cover so they match better with the rest of your floors. This shelf liner comes in dark and light wood colors.

1 comment:

Eliana said...

Your house is getting great.


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