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Thursday, July 7

The Harrison Dollhouse Day 09

The hinges I bought seem very small so I do not believe they will work for the roof panel. You might want to go the actual hardware store and find some hinges for your panel that are not too large but not as small as miniature ones. I am not sure how that will work though on this thin plywood. I decided to revert back to my original idea of hinging this panel with trusty chamois.

The way this panel opens on the roof will work perfectly with the chamois and it will be seamless. Once I apply the faux fur to the outside of the roof as thatch, the chamois underneath will be invisible. I am using a chamois that is as close to the thatch color as possible anyways.

The miniature hinges I bought, I will use on the staircase closet door and I might hinge some other door as well as the assembly progresses.

When you are installing your hinges for the roof panel, whether you went with real hinges or the chamois type, you should hinge from the exterior side of the roof. This allows your panel to open upwards so you can view the room inside.

Chamois strips are very easy to use. I glued mines using tacky glue, first one side and then the other. You might want to protect the other side with masking tape while the glue dries on one so you don't glue the joint of the opening panel to the roof. If you do, you won't be able to move the panel later. You can apply another strip of masking tape on the lower part of the panel to prevent it from opening or moving while the chamois strip glue dries.

You can apply a weight or just use masking tape in order to hold down the chamois while it dries. Do not try to glue both sides at the same time because it can cause glue to seep into the panel joint or your chamois can shift. Use a large strip that will go over the entire top part of the panel especially on the corners.

If you use hinges, remember to use some tacky glue in your starter holes so the hinge nails are more secure. Apply your hinges to each side of the panel top but no too close to the corner. There is a good illustration of where they should go in the dollhouses instructions.

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