Thursday, June 9

The Harrison Dollhouse Day 04

This dollhouse has several components that can be assembled away from the basic shell so I went ahead and got those done today.

I assembled the chimney, window boxes and staircases.

All of these assemblies are pretty straight forward and simple. The instructions are excellent in showing exactly which edges are glued to what.

You will encounter a little difficulty with the staircases but not much. Though these are simple staircases, when the assembly requires for the risers to go between the sides, it can make the process a little more difficult. I suggest you install the first bottom riser and the last top riser first. Clamp and let dry. Then you can turn the staircase structure on its side and install the rest of the risers.

If you plan on having a two tone staircase, then you must finish the parts before assembly. Otherwise, it can be finishied afterwards. I plan on staining mines all one color.

You might not want to invest too much time and money on your staircases because they will be facing the front of the dollhouse, away from you, so they pretty much are not visible unless you hinge the front door.

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I discovered your page on stumble upon, giving you more views. It has caused your photos to time out. Can you please fix it? so I can continue using your blog for reference?


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