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Wednesday, April 20

Custom Order 04 The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 11

Today I installed interior trim and back edge trim.

I usually paint the back edge trim in the same color as the dollhouse body, which in this case would have been red. I think the effect makes it look like your viewing an opening within the walls of the dollhouse. In this case, I decided to paint the back trim white because red would look a little out of place with all of the white trim inside of this dollhouse.

Back trims is very important. No matter how much you sand and paint those edges, nothing makes them look as finished as trimming them.

I was terrified of this wallpaper becoming damaged and having to repair it with patches. Some of this wallpaper will just not patch correctly so I took the extra precaution of clamping my back edge trim with masking tape to the floors and ceilings instead of the walls. The middle edges I clamped to the interior door trim.

I then added the interior trim. Very simple to do on this dollhouse. Make sure your interior sills match up with your exterior ones.

Always paint your trim on both sides. With these dark edges, you will have to apply two coats of paint. This is especially true for white trim. If you leave any area unpainted, you will see it when looking in through the windows from the outside of the dollhouse. You will not be able to correct that once the trim is on so do it before.

I touched up around the dollhouse. You will have to do that a lot. The best way is to do it as you go along and then give it one final look over when your done. That way your not overwhelmed by leaving all of the touch ups for last. There are always a lot of areas to touch up and doing it all at once might make you miss some.

Some areas of the siding are wet from touch ups so you will see some blotchy paint in the pictures.


Kathi said...

Thanks again for the trimming tips! I can't wait until I get to this point with my garage.
I really love the cloud paper in the upstairs bedroom! Is it wallpaper or did you paint it?
It looks beautiful!

Gina said...

Thank you Kathi, that is actually wallpaper that the customer provided. It is very pretty and unique. I had never seen that print before. It had a print line going through the middle of the paper itself but I was able to cut around it and wallpaper with only the good areas.


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