Tuesday, April 19

Custom Order 04 The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 10

Today I continued siding the left side of the front wall.

Remember, your siding must match up all the way across every wall. This takes precedence over the lines you have drawn.

While siding, I would take breaks and add more details to the windows. I installed the shutters and bay roof trim.

Notice how I make my own L shaped corner trim with plastic clamps and basswood strips.

I continued installing fascias.

Keep in mind that this particular dollhouse does not come with corner trim originally so the fascias are not long enough to support the extra millimeter added by the corner trim. Your corner trim will not be 100% flush on the top with your fascias but it is barely noticeable. Once you install the brackets, it will be even less noticeable.

To avoid this you can add your corner trim with a notched effect instead of a sharp corner. This is when you apply the corner trims against the dollhouse corners but without butting them together in the front, leaving a "notch" that runs down the corner of the dollhouse. This option is up to you. I did this effect on my Beacon Hill Dollhouse because that is how it was on the box photos but its completely based on what works best for you. I decided to do these corners square simply because its what folks are used to seeing and since this dollhouse is for a customer, it's best to choose more "traditional" options.

I painted the bay roof tops to match the porch floor and foundation but you can certainly add sandpaper to your roofs. You can even add it to the large top roof if you can find sandpaper that is large enough to cover it with minimal patching.

Apply your siding as close to the oval window as you can get. You do not want to cut your siding around this oval trim because it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to do so. You want to apply this oval trim OVER the siding.

I glued on the front door knob. Remember it's three inches from the bottom.

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