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Friday, April 15

Custom Order 04 The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 6

I installed the third floor of the dollhouse today. You will need a mallet for hammering because this floor lines up the entire dollhouse.

If you assmebled your shell correctly, you shouldn't have to struggle with it too much but if you didnt, good luck to you. You have to align all of the slots on this floor with the tabs on top of the walls and any inalignment in the bottom structure, will definetly hinder this process. The shell of your dollhouse, will come back to haunt you in the future so make sure you get it right from the get go.

After the floor dried, I primed the walls and floor of these two rooms, just like I did the two rooms on the first floor. I also painted the ceilings. When you paint your dollhouse ceilings and you dont use a ceiling covering, you will have to sand down any floor tabs that might be poking through. Fill with spackle and then paint.

After everything was dry, I applied the wallpaper. The green wallpaper is actually extremely good quality. It has the right thickness and it almost feels like a vinyl on the printed side. This is excellent for easy clean ups. I actually have similar paper in my Garfield Dollhouse's living room and it's a joy to work with. I think it might be real life wallpaper and not a miniature one but it goes on great and the pattern works.

As the wallpaper dried, I went ahead and glued on the ceiling trim to first floor rooms. This is best done with the dollhouse turned upside down.

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