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Sunday, April 10

Custom Order 04 The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 2

Now that the shingles are prepared, I went ahead and labeled and removed all of the parts for the dollhouse of the sheets.

I sanded and sorted them together according to component.

Like I mentioned before, this dollhouse required very little sanding because it's laser cut. The edges are already very smooth so you basically just have to remove any splinters that may have popped out while removing parts from the sheets.

Now, I can finally get to work on the shell of the dollhouse.

You must pay very close attention to how this dollhouse comes together and read the instructions carefully. Do not glue anything until you are certain that you have it right.

The shell of this dollhouse begins with a staircase subassembly, that must be assembled before the rest of the walls go up. You also will have to finish this subassembly before you continue assembling the dollhouse. If you do not, it will not be accessible for finishing later.

Finishing this subassembly will be tricky because it separates and has sides that will face two different rooms, the living room and the kitchen. You have to make sure you apply the wallpaper for each corresponding room on the correct sides or you will have kitchen wallpaper in your living room and living room wallpaper in your kitchen.

The key to success for this assembly, is to follow the instructions carefully. Position walls as you see them in the instructions photos and make sure you have the right stringer sides on the right walls. I will take as many photos as possible of each step.

I first primed the areas that I will have to wallpaper before the staircase goes up. I primed the living room side since that is the side that has to be assembled first. This will basically be the stairwell wall.

The best way to apply glue to your wallpaper is by laying it on top of parchment paper. That way you can just can keep folding new paper on top of each used paper sheet and avoid a mess or getting glue on the front side of your wallpaper.

Lay your piece of wallpaper on top of the wall your going to wallpaper. Crease it along the wall edge so you know how much of it you need and so you can cut it in the shape of the wall.

Once cut apply wallpaper paste to the back side and lay it over your wall.

By the time your done, your wall should look like in the photos.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

Thanks again Gina. I'm not building the Rosedale, but your tips are priceless for my garage build. I need to finish the roof first. THEN do the wallpaper. It really helps to see the steps done in the correct order! This will save me many mistakes! :D


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