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Saturday, January 27

Dollhouse Instructions

Below are dollhouse instructions for some popular discontinued kits from dollhouse companies that are no longer in business.

Please click below to view and/or download the PDF files. If the text appears small when you open the PDF file, do not forget to use the ZOOM button on your PDF reader.

The files linked below were not scanned by us and are the property of their original dollhouse manufacturers.

Artply Dollhouses
The Allison Dollhouse
The Barrington Dollhouse
The Bobbi Dollhouse
The Franklin Dollhouse
The Rutherford Dollhouse
The Worthington Dollhouse

Batrie Dollhouses
The New Orleans Dollhouse
The Williamsburg Dollhouse

Dura-Craft Dollhouses
The Alexandria Dollhouse
The Bayberry Cottage Dollhouse
The Bellingham Farmhouse Dollhouse
The Cambridge Dollhouse
The Farm House 500 Dollhouse
The Farm House 505 Dollhouse
The Heritage Dollhouse
The Lafayette Dollhouse
The Marquam Hill Mansion Dollhouse
The Newberg Dollhouse
The Oregon Trail Dollhouse
The San Franciscan Dollhouse Model 550
The San Franciscan Dollhouse Model 555
The San Franciscan Dollhouse Model 557
The Columbian Dollhouse
The Linfield Dollhouse
The Victorian House Dollhouse
The Winston Dollhouse

Hofco House
The Federal Victorian House Dollhouse
The Victorian Classin House Dollhouse

Model Homes
The 1004 Mansion Dollhouse
The 1009 Mansion Dollhouse

Woodline Dollhouses
The Victorian Dollhouse

We will continue searching the internet for more copies of rare dollhouse instructions and will post them as they are found.

If you do not see the instructions your looking for listed above you can search for them on Google. e.g. dollhouse instructions "Beacon Hill" .pdf

You can also search for instructions on eBay and/or dollhouse and miniature forums. There are also dollhouse and miniature groups on Facebook which may be of help.

Lastly, some manufacturers produced dollhouses under different names and it doesn't hurt to contact them to see if they still have the instructions for these discontinued models. For example, Artply is also Greenleaf Dollhouses and Batrie/Walmer is Real Good Toys.

Please Contact us if you have scanned instructions that you would like to share with others or if you have links to instructions you may have found on the internet. At this time, all donated instructions will only be accepted through email.

If you have any problems with the download links, contact us using the link above, to have the instructions emailed to you.


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Gina what a great service you offer! I remember buying a San Franciscan at a yard sale that had no instructions, luckily it was in the original box with the phone # of Dura Craft.I called and they sent me the instructions free of charge. That was back in the days of no internet and I still have that instruction book, I always save the books from the houses I build.

Victoria ❤

Evelyne said...

Thank you so much Gina! If you ever find the instructions for The Highland, by Artply, please let me know!

Mary Grimm said...

Omg I had the rutherford dollhouse, partially finished since I was 8, I'm now 31 and just threw it out last month because I couldn't find the instructions. At least I can caniblize it to finish my apple blossom dollhouse. Thank you for posting these!! I only wish I found them sooner

Anonymous said...

Thank so much!


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