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Wednesday, February 9

The Half Scale Buttercup Cottage Dollhouse Day 8

Over the last couple of days, you can see how the little gingerbread dollhouse is taking shape.

I made candies out of foam pieces and furry pom poms. I painted some of the foam pieces to look like different types of candies. I added stripes, swirls and I also dabbed them with a foam brush to make them look like sponge candies.

In the end, the fabric ribbon icing worked very well. I bought thick, medium and thin ribbon. I painted them with white craft paint and it removed their fabric texture completely. Because I got ornate ribbons, they actually look just like piped icing. They also even feel like icing when you touch them.

When you glue on your ribbon, they do not have to come out completely straight. In fact, you want the slight inconsistancies and waves in them so they appear to have been piped out of an icing bag by hand. Glue ribbons to all of the wall joints to give the impression that the "icing" is holding the "gingerbread" walls together. I used the thick ribbon for the roof ridges, medium for wall joints and the thin ribbon for the windows and doors. I decided to leave the roof unshingled because I want to do something else to it. Maybe I'll sprinkle it with "powdered sugar" or glitter.

I made the window box "grass" by cutting green foam squares and adding them to the window boxes. I want to put some kind of red decor on it so it looks like flowers but I haven't decided what to use that would be small enough. I might find some micro red beads at the craft store that could work.

I could not find red and white striped, candycane, ribbon anywhere in the stores and I went to several of them. It's just an out of season print that was not going to be easy to find. I decided to buy red and white thick thread and make my own candy cane ribbon by twirling them together. I applied tacky glue along the twirled thread so it does not unravel while I'm working with it. I then used it around some of the windows. You can make the twirled thread as thick or as thin as you like.

I found that the tacky glue Glue Pen works very well for applying ribbons and "candies" to this dollhouse. It allows you to control the flow of glue to precise areas which is very conveniant.

I glued a lot of multi colored furry pom poms to the chimney so it looks like its made of "candy stones".

I bought a simple plastic cake base and added a doily over it so the "gingerbread" dollhouse can sit on it. This gives it a little more realism. This is the look I wanted for this dollhouse. The look of a real gingerbread dollhouse.


Little Time Wasters said...

I love this, it's so cute! It's not at all how I imagined, but that is the joy of custom dollhouses - everybodys' is different. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished.

Ann said...

I'd love to see it by a mug or some other object to get an idea of the scale. Either way, this is the sweetest gingerbread dollhouse I've seen! Fab job Gina!

Gina said...

Thank you Ann! I'll certainly take a picture of it by a mug in the upcoming days so you can get a better idea of its size.


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