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Friday, October 15

The Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse Day 10

When you side a dollhouse, you are left with rough looking edges at every corner. You have to hide these with trim. Not all dollhouses will come with trim for your corners. In fact, if the kit does not include siding, you will most likely not get corner trim.

So if you decide to side, you will need to buy your own trim. I buy inexpensive balsa wood strips at the craft store and make my own L shaped trim to fit over corners. It's very cost effective considering that miniature lumber is priced pretty high at miniature stores.

The dormers need a lot of work on the exterior to make them look right. You need to spackle all of the gaps and paint everything correctly. I use a very fine tip brush for the details.


Kathi said...

Looking good Gina! Love the colors. The trim looks great!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
I am working on my first dollhouse and your blog is a great help!

Ann said...

I finally was able to catch up to all your posts.

I was thinking of saving up to buy the laser kit, but seeing how you had so much trouble with it (especially getting the stairs in!), I might as well get the die cut one and save a bit since I'd probably spend the same amount on it as I would with the laser cut version.

I've been trying to figure out how people can finish the interior while building and your descriptions and pictures are extremely helpful. I especially love the little tid bits of tips you sprinkle throughout the articles!

Gina said...

Ann, unfortunately, the laser cut kit will not make the assembly any less difficult. The dollhouse still goes together the same way, whether laser cut or dye cut. The only benefit of laser cutting is a much sharper and cleaner finish because of the already smooth edges. You also don't have to spend days sanding down every piece. Good luck on your project.


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