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Thursday, October 14

The Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse Day 9

I assembled the roof next. There were no problems with this assembly. It came together very nicely and without struggle. The only thing you want to pay close attention to is that you don't put it together backwards.

Clamp it tightly.

You can wallpaper it to match your walls or you can even use a complimentary wallpaper to your walls but I am going for a stucco look.

I mixed a complimentary color paint with Greenleaf stucco and applied it all over the roofs interior. This part can be rather run. I swirl it with the brush and also bounce the brush tips on it to create texture.

You should always prime your walls before applying stucco so you don't have any dark wood patches showing through in certain areas.

After everything is dry, your going to take your roof and apply it over your second floor walls. Try to set it down evenly. It will rest on top of the dormer sides and the soffits. Tap it with a mallet to slowly settle it in.

Clamp it down and then install your dormer roofs. Finish them before you put them in instead of waiting for later, like I did, and having to then contort your body into every angle to try and finish them installed.

The dormer roofs are going to be a little difficult. You have to use pressure and a mallet to get them in just right. Make sure they meet at the top angle to form an A or your trims will not go on right.

The interior of the top floor now needs a lot of trim work so it looks neat and finished.

Skewers against the dormer walls and ceilings, trim cut at angles around the dormer openings and little wooden dowel ends to tie everything together. Notice I glued trim all around the edge where the wall meets the roof. Not only does the trim make everything look finished, it also adds more strength to the dollhouse itself. I haven't finished the trim work in here but I will come back to it once this part of it is dry.

I then applied the windows and the interior window trim.

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