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Wednesday, October 13

The Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse Day 8

The replacement window sheet came in today and I was able to repair the front door window seamlessly. I just installed the window and added the trim I had taken off. I spackled the joints, sanded and then painted them.

Now it's time for the roof. This roof is fully assembled away from the dollhouse so there are things you have to do before you install it.

First, make sure that your staircase is finished and complete. Don't worry about the handrails, you can put them in later. Just make sure the runner is fine and everything that needs to be trimmed is trimmed. Once the roof is in, you will not have access to the staircase again. In fact, you won't even be able to see it anymore, not even through the windows.

You then have to prime your second floor walls and wallpaper them. I had the same issues with the patched wallpaper that I did downstairs but since this wallpaper is heavily patterned with a gingham type of design, the patches are pretty much invisible. I won't need to do any beam work to the walls on this floor in order to hide seams.

After your wallpaper is installed, you must finish and install your soffits. Make sure you get them into the slots properly because your entire roof is going to basically sit on them. They are a little hard to put in around the corners because they have to go in with some pressure.

Be careful with your wallpaper. You don't want one of these tabs from the soffits to break through your paper on the interior side. It's best to apply the soffits after your wallpaper is completely dry, that way the hardened wallpaper paste will act like a barrier between your wallpaper and soffit tabs.

After your soffits are in, you can finish and glue in your dormer sides.

The triangle roof supports go laminated against the dormer sides, opposite the window and rest on top of the soffit.

There's a tab on the side walls for the two back supports.

You don't have to finish the roof supports because they will be hidden behind the roof and the dormer sides also hide any view into the soffits. The only supports your going to want to finish are the ones in the back of the dollhouse. You can finish them to match the dormer sides.

Now just let everything dry.

1 comment:

Marisa Stein said...

that looks like a bear to put together. I like what I'm seeing so far

good job, cant wait for the roof part



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