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Monday, October 11

The Brimbles Mercantile Dollhouse Day 6

Well, I was able to get the second floor in but it was difficult. Make sure that you have finished your floor before installing it. I finished it the same way I did the first floor.

In the ordeal, the front door window was damaged. A lot of folks always ask how exactly do you change a window on a dollhouse. Well, first you have to get your new window. I contacted Greenleaf so they could send me an extra window sheet for this dollhouse. Now I just have to wait for it.

Next, you have to cut out the damaged window with a sharp craft knife.

The challenge with this particular window is that the trim is one solid piece with the door. I can not remove the door trim or the hinges will come loose and the working door will be damaged without the possibility of repair unless I order the whole thing all over again.

I had to cut the top trim from the door trim with a box cutter and then gently pry the top trim off with a very tiny flat head screwdriver. You will have to chisel it carefully until the trim comes up. The screwdriver I used is the kind you use to repair your eye glasses with. Once the trim is off, remove all of the extra glue and the broken window parts that remain.

Now when I get the window part, I'll cut out the part I need, glue it in place and replace the window trim. I then I have to use spackle to join the top trim to its bottom part seemlessly.

As you can see this dollhouse has large windows and they can potentially scratch. Acetate windows are very delicate and can get damaged very easily. First, avoid damaging your windows by any means that you can but if your window becomes scratched, you can repair it with lip balm.

Any brand lip balm will work as long as it's not tinted with any kind of color and unscented. Apply the balm over the scratch. It has to be applied right on the side the scratch happened and then buff with a very soft cloth. The best cloths for this are the ones used to clean eye glasses. You don't want to use a towel or paper towel of any kind because these windows are so delicate that they will scratch if you try to buff with even the slightest abrasive cloth. Buff gently but quickly and continue applying lip balm. Soon you will see the scratch disappear.

You can see better how the beam work thats hiding the wallpaper patch seams is turning out as the dollhouse comes together. Now that both windows match, it looks like I had always planned to add those decorative beams around the windows from the beginning.

I added the two side back walls.

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