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Sunday, June 13

The Aster Cottage Dollhouse Day 9

I added the "mortar" between the pebbles.

I made it with a mixture of spackle and paint. I mixed it in a gallon size freezer bag, cut out one of the ends so I could squeeze all of its contents into a squeeze bottle and then I use the bottle to squeeze the mixture between the pebbles.

After it's done and semi dry, you clean up the stone with a wet cloth and you may have to scrape some of them with your fingernail.

Of course, I should have done the chimney before glueing it on the roof.

The spackle does give the appearance of old, rough mortar between the stones. dollhouse stucco also can be used for mortar.

I later applied a coat of varnish over all of the pebbles. It helps age the spackle a little.

I added baseboards to the interior floors. Made them from the same vinyl planks that the flooring is made of.

I made a simple landscape for the dollhouse. I used it's own box to make the base and then I added grass on top. I placed the dollhouse on top of it. It's not glued on so it can be removed and the landscaping changed if desired. I added bits of moss around it with some flowers.

The final touch of the wishing well was added right next to it. Notice I thatched the wishing wells roof to match the dollhouse.

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1 comment:

Wanda said...

Excellent job! And in only 9 days. Now if I could only work at such a speed!! Well done!


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